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Road Trip Travel Goodie Bags for Teens

Road Trip Travel Goodie Bags

My kids have always been particularly good travelers. From the time they were little, my husband and I could strap them in the car seat and take them anywhere. Traveling with my kids was a breeze. I’m thankful for that because honestly, I didn’t have a lot of patience when I was younger. Yeah. It really sucks to admit that but, it’s true. I’m not sure I would have made the effort to travel much if my kids screamed every single time we hopped in the car or if any of our road trips were like our poopy road trip fiasco. If that had been the case, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have traveled as frequently as a family.

Even though we normally travel well as a family, traveling across country from Ohio to California is a bit of a stretch, even for us. That may strike you as funny since it wasn’t that long ago that we spent over a year in an RV, but we did not attempt to drive over 5,000 miles in 10 days.

I want to make sure this trip gets off to a fun start.

So I decided to bribe my family with a special surprise- Road Trip Travel Goodie Bags.

Road Trip Gift Bag
I even made one for my husband because I didn’t want him to feel left out. Hurt feelings are not a good way to begin a road trip!

I visited my local dollar store and picked up some gift bags, fun, inexpensive games, hand sanitizer, gum, and a few other fun items, like mini flash lights for the boys (maybe that was not a good idea!) and a reading light for my daughter. To make sure the mood is light, I filled the travel goodie bags with chocolate. One just can’t go wrong with chocolate, right?

Ideas of what to include in your travel bag

I think I picked up some fun stuff, but my favorite items were the cute tumblers that I received from Tervis. The tumblers were supposed to be a surprise but they happened to be delivered at our home when I was out of town. My daughter texted me to ask if she could open it and when I didn’t respond, she took my silence as a yes. That’s how she explains it anyway. I don’t think she gave me much time to respond because within minutes I received another text with this photo:

Captain America Tervis Tumbler

She has a slight obsession with Captain America and was certainly excited to claim her 16 0unce tumbler with the travel lid.

It was difficult, but I played stern mommy and asked her to pack the tumblers up and save them for our trip. You’ll hear more about Tervis tumblers later. Because I love them. They keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe and are personalized. How cool is that?  And did you know they are made right here in the USA? Learn more about the Tervis company and all about their tumblers by visiting their website. I’ll also share a few more tidbits throughout our road trip.

I plan to post to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so make sure you’re following my social network channels.  I’d love it if you’d follow our adventures and give us a thumbs up, a RT, or a suggestion of what to see and where to eat along the way.

If you made a road trip travel goodie bag for your family, what items would you include?



Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

Last long trip we took I got about $50 in $5bills and gave $5 for the first to count 10 hawks. (If you call the hawk he's yours) $5 for the first deer or antelope spotted, $5 for the first to get 5 VW bugs, $5 for the longest poem someone knows, etc. Then we played 8th house on the left is yours, next town name will be your wife or husbands name, We even cracked our-self up in small towns saying third man on the left is your future husband etc. I hate movies on trips so these games kept us happy.


Monday 24th of February 2014

Forget the teens, I LOVE the Tervis Tumblers!


Saturday 8th of March 2014

We are taking a trip to Florida. My boyfriends family, parents sister, brother in law and two teenage boys all stating in a condo together. I have started putting together goodie bags for all. So far I have the nylon cinch backpacks as the bags, collapsible water bottle, chapstick, sunscreen, tissue, and snacks tailored to their likes. I will definitely hit the dollar store for travel games.


Monday 25th of November 2013

Love the ideas. I always struggle with teen gifts. WE ARE HUGE TERVIS FANS!!


Monday 25th of November 2013

I love Tervis! My Road Trip tumbler will now accompany me everywhere I go! :)


Sunday 17th of November 2013

Wow, that is a wonderful idea!


Saturday 16th of November 2013

These road trip goodie bags are such a neat idea. Too often kids and teens get bored/antsy being in the backseat together. These bags would help make the drive easier, I'm sure. Protection Status
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