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Our RV Days

In 2009, my family of five embarked on an incredible adventure, one we had dreamed of for years- we became a full-time RV family. After spending far too many nights in hotel rooms with my husband’s job, we finally bought a motor home. For 18 months, we called our 1989, 31-foot motor home, HOME. Though our full-time adventure wasn’t quite what we had expected it to be, I look back on that period of our life with fond memories.

I’ve created this page for those of you that may dream of a life on the road, those who may be on the road or those that are just a wee bit curious as to what the “gypsy life” can look like.

Though our experience was full of ups and downs, I wouldn’t trade our memories for anything. My husband and I look forward to the day that we can hit the road once again and hopefully, fulfill our dream of traveling to each and every state.

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A Word From the Occupants

Are you considering a life on the road but wonder what effect it will have on your children? Two of my teens share candidly about the experience.

Life on the Road: A Teen’s Perspective

Life on the Road: Another Teen’s Perspective


RV Decorating- Making Your Home Your Own

Easy RV Decorating

Motor Home Makeover: Part One

Motor Home Makeover: Part Two

Motor Home Makeover: Part Three


Trials Along the Way

I mentioned our experience was peppered with ups and downs, here’s your chance to read about some of our less than stellar moments.

A Sewer Story, or What was he thinking?

RV Refrigerators:  A Costly Mistake

A Mouse in Our House 

The Joy of Traveling with Pets

New RV Frig: Best Valentine’s Gift Ever

Did I Ever Mention?


Passing Time

War Breaks out at the Campground

Travel Games: the Folio Series


A Factory Tour to Remember

Tiffin Motorhome Factory Tour


Considering a Life on the Road? Check out these Resources.

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