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Roadside Attraction: Wind Turbine Blade in Weatherford, Oklahoma

Tonya Prater, Owner

Giant Wind Turbine Blade on Route 66 Roadside Attraction
Traversing Route 66 offers road trippers their fill of fun, quirky and educational displays as my family discovered on our road trip to California a year ago.

Driving near Weatherford, Oklahoma, we spotted a sign along Highway I-40 advertising Heritage Park, a small city park whose focal point was a giant wind turbine blade. Since one of us in the group was in need of a restroom anyway, we decided to stop at the park and check it out. Or rather, I hopped out of the vehicle, while my family lamented my need to stop at every.single.attraction along the historic highway.

Wind Turbine Roadside Attraction in Weatherford, Oklahoma

But the question is, why would this Oklahoma town have this display in a public park? With over 100 behemoth wind turbines, the town of Weatherford has the second-largest wind farm in the state.

Weatherford Wind Energy Center Roadside Attraction

In addition to the massive wind turbine blade, I found an interpretive display about wind energy. The display shares information and facts regarding wind energy as well as the benefits of wind energy.

Up close and personal with a wind turbine roadside attraction

In the park you’ll also find a memorial tree dedicated to in honor of the victims of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and a Custer County Veterans Memorial. What the park lacked was a restroom so nearly as quickly as I hopped out, I hopped back in the Suburban to continue our search for public bathrooms.

Do you want to see the giant wind turbine blade in Weatherford? You’ll find the 122-foot-long wind turbine blade directly across from the City Building at 522 W. Rainey Ave, Weatherford, Oklahoma. The park is free and open dawn to dusk.

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Friday 16th of January 2015

It's amazing how big they are once you're standing right next to them, isn't it? Protection Status
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