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Roadside Attraction: The World’s Largest Eagle’s Nest Replica in LaGrange, Ohio

The World's Largest Eagle's Nest Replica in LaGrange Ohio

My husband and I stumbled upon the Carlisle Raptor Center near LaGrange, Ohio, almost by accident. We were driving in the area when I refreshed my Roadside America app and discovered we were only five miles away from the World’s Largest Eagle’s Nest replica. Aware of my fondness for roadside attractions, my husband was happy to deviate from our original plan of perusing antique stores to humor me with a quick stop to check out the marvel.

The World's Largest Eagle's Nest Replica in LaGrange, Ohio at the Raptor Center

The original “Great Nest” and inspiration for the replica that is now on display was located east of Vermilion near Lake Erie from 1890 to 1925 until a storm blew down the tree that it was rested in.

The World's Largest Eagle's Nest Replica in LaGrange, Ohio

An average Eagle’s Nest is five feet wide and three feet deep but the Great Nest measured a huge 12 feet tall, 8 1/2 feet wide and weighed more than a 1925 Ford  Model T! Constructed stick by stick over a period of 35 years, it was the largest known Eagle’s Nest and perhaps the largest ever constructed by the bird species.

Great Nest in LaGrange, Ohio The World's Largest Eagle's Nest Replica

Dr. Francis H. Herrick spent three springs and summers in the early 1920s observing and recording the nesting rituals of the Eagle’s of the Great Eyrie. His work even appeared in the National Geographic magazine, offering Americans a deeper understanding of the national emblem, the Bald Eagle.

The Raptor Center with the World's Largest Eagle's Nest replica in Lorain County Ohio

The nest replica was unveiled on March 2007 and is situated outside the Visitor’s Center in the Raptor Center.

Part of the Visitor Center was closed during our visit since they were in the midst of the holiday lights display so we headed outside to see the massive birds nest and the birds that were on display in the Raptor Center.

The outside displays at the Raptor Center in Lorain County

The outdoor cages hold a Bald Eagle, Screech Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Barred Owl, Red-Tailed Hawks, and a Vulture.

Red-Tailed Hawks in the Raptor Center in LaGrange, Ohio home of the World's Largest Eagle's Nest Replica

The Visitor’s Center, Raptor Center displays and hiking trails located on the grounds are free. I plan to check out the hiking trails on my next visit to the area.

Bald Eagle at the Raptor Center in LaGrange, Ohio

Want to plan a visit of your own?

Carlisle Raptor  Center

Address: 12882 Nickel Plate Diagonal Road LaGrange, Ohio
Phone: 440-458-5121
Admission: Free

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