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Things to See Along I-70 in EVERY State

Tonya Prater, Owner

Interstate 70 slices through the center of the United States covering over 2,100 miles. It’s a popular road trip route that passes through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Utah. If you’ve always thought of interstate driving as boring, check out our list of the best roadside attractions and things to see along I-70 in every state! 

Things to see along I-70 in every state.

Call me crazy, but no matter where we go we seek out fun and quirky stops.  We’ve even been known to plan an entire trip around the roadside attractions we can see along the way. 

If you also love the odd and interesting, you might be wondering where to stop on I-70. We’ve got tons of suggestions for I-70 tourist attractions! We’ll start in the east and head west, offering up lots of places you can stop to stretch your legs. So buckle up and let’s hit the road!

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Things to See Along I-70 in Maryland

I-70 begins its journey just outside of Baltimore. There are just under 100 miles of I-70 to travel through Maryland before reaching the Pennsylvania border at Hancock, MD. 

On the east side of Frederick at the Patrick Street exit, is the Jug Bridge Monument Park. Say what?

The history on this one is a bit convoluted. The “jug-shaped” monument was erected in the early 1800s at the same time a bridge was built across the Monocacy River. The bridge became known as the jug bridge and was later replaced when I-70 came through town, but the Jug Bridge monument remains. 

Less than ten miles off I-70 in Boonsboro, you’ll find the Boonsborough Museum of History. In addition to Civil War memorabilia, the collection includes some very odd pieces, many of which are bullets carved into unusual shapes like Abe Lincoln’s head. 

There are also bones carved into souvenirs and, perhaps oddest of all, a mummified human arm with a bullet lodged in the elbow. You really have to see it to believe it.

Things to See Along I-70 in Pennsylvania

There are around 200 miles of I-70 that pass through Pennsylvania, with several roadside attractions along the way.

Less than an hour after crossing into Pennsylvania from Maryland, you’ll come upon the town of Everett, PA. By now, you’re probably getting hungry for a snack, so why not stop at the Igloo Soft Freeze (seasonal)? You can’t miss it, because the building is shaped like a giant ice cream sundae, complete with a cherry on top! 

Just a few miles down the road, Bedford is home to an 18-foot coffee pot that once served as a coffee shop when Highway 30 was bustling with travelers. 

A variety of fun and quirky stops you'll find along I-70 in Pennsylvania.

Continuing along as I-70 parallels Highway 30, the Lincoln Highway, an abandoned Storyland theme park lies just outside of Schellsburg. Remember Mother Goose? Well, she and most of the other statues have been removed but the Pied Piper is still standing alongside the road.  

Another 30 miles down the road, we reach Somerset, home of the giant elephant statue and the Jenny Globe Tower, two roadside attractions we’ve written about and love.  

Keep driving another 30 miles along I-70 in Pennsylvania and you’ll arrive in Kecksburg. Here you’ll find the famous acorn-shaped UFO site, which was featured on Unsolved Mysteries back in the 1990s. 

Next up is the town of Charleroi, where roadside attractions go to die. Or maybe they’re born here. Tim’s Secret Treasures has an impressive collection of giant fiberglass animals, which have spilled out of the shop and into the adjacent lot.  

In Bentleyville, a 20-foot tall cowboy stands outside of the Best Western Garden Inn.

There are actually a TON more things to see along I-70 in Pennsylvania, including the world’s largest paint can (which has been repainted since my last trip) and a giant quarter, but those listed above are some of our favorites.

The giant Benjamin Moore & Co. paint can can be seen from I-81 in Pennsylvania.

Things to See Along I-70 in Ohio

My home state is what originally fostered my love of roadside attractions! Here are some of my favorites things to see along I-70 in Ohio.

It may lack the kitsch of some other roadside attractions, but New Concord Ohio is home to the John & Annie Glenn Museum. The home where astronaut John Glenn grew up has been moved to Main Street and is now a museum you can tour.  

John Glenn home with white picket fence

The town of Zanesville has several roadside attractions that are worthy of a detour off the interstate. A Y-shaped bridge and “Vase-Henge” are two items that made our list of Free Things to See in Ohio.  

From Zanesville, a 14-mile detour to the north brings you to the world’s largest basket.  

roadside attractions along I-70 in Ohio

Next up is Columbus, another Ohio city with lots of roadside attractions. Hadley’s Bar & Grill has a Big Boy Burger with a twist. They’ve given this American icon a sleeve of tattoos. 

Just a few blocks away near the justice buildings, the world’s largest gavel sits in a reflection pool. Just a bit farther north, you can find the world’s largest ping-pong paddle.  

In Springfield, check out the Hartman Rock Garden.

I-70 Attractions in Indiana

There are over 150 miles of I-70 that pass through Indiana, with a fun assortment of roadside attractions to keep your interest.

Starting in Richmond, just when you leave Ohio, Clara’s Pizza King is a restaurant with a vintage double-decker bus from London inside. There are even dining tables inside the bus. 

Not far down the road, Centerville has the world’s largest candle outside of the Warm Glow candle store.  

The World's Largest Candle is right off I-70 in Indiana

Approaching Indiana’s capital city, Indianapolis has several roadside attractions, which are a perfect distraction if you happen to hit the city at rush hour. Indy’s Teeny Statue of Liberty Museum is a personal collection of Lady Liberty memorabilia, with over 400 items on display.

Just past the airport, in Camby, there’s Who North America, a Dr. Who Store and Mini-Museum.  

The small town of Brazil has a 24-foot Great Dane statue outside of Great Dane Trailers.  

The Root Glass Company in Terre Haute were the designers of the Coca-Cola bottle. At Voorhees and 3rd, there’s a roadside marker indicating the birthplace of the bottle. Six-foot Coke bottles have been painted and placed around town, similar to the “animal parades” that have seen other cities install bulls and pigs around town. 

Things to See Along I-70 in Illinois

I-70 crosses southern Illinois for about 160 miles between Indiana to Missouri. Just 30 minutes into Illinois, you’ll reach the town of Casey, a small town full of giant roadside attractions. Casey claims to have the World’s Largest Rocking Chair, Windchime, Mail Box, Golf Tee, Wooden Clogs, Pitchfork, Knitting Needles, and Crochet Hook. 

America's largest cross in Effingham, Illinois

Effingham is home to the world’s largest cross, and just down the road in Altamont, On the Rox Pub has a giant Miller Lite beer can that is lit up at night.  

Vandalia is home to the Kaskaskia Dragon, a giant metal fire-breathing dragon and several other Illinois roadside attractions. Buy a token to make the dragon come alive!

The Kaskaskia fire breathing dragon in Kaskaskia, Illinois.

Things to see Along I-70 in Missouri

At St. Louis, I-70 crosses into Missouri, where perhaps the most famous roadside attraction, the St. Louis Arch, is located.

There are several other fun things to see along I-70 in Missouri as you travel between St.Louis and Kansas City.

The St. Louis Arch shines against trees adorned in fall colors.

Just outside St. Louis, in Overland, make a quick detour to see Dan’s Emerald Forest. This landscaping project took on a life of its own and is now a roadside attraction, with a miniature world built in the front lawn.  

Want some Route 66 memorabilia, but Route 66 isn’t on your route? Stop off I-70 at Ozarkland in Kingdom City, which inexplicably sells tons of Route 66 tchotchkes.  

The town of Boonville is where the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales are raised at Warm Springs Ranch. Take a tour and see these magnificent creatures up close. 

Things to See Along I-70 in Kansas

There are plenty of things to see in Kansas along I-70. This state has the longest stretch of the interstate – over six hours of driving from Missouri to Colorado. But it’s also, surprisingly, my favorite state to road trip through. 

Driving through Kansas on I-70, you’ll encounter several cool towns and roadside attractions that are the perfect excuse to get out of your vehicle to stretch your legs.

Just before you reach Topeka, detour to the Lessman Farm to see Truckhenge, a Stonehenge assortment made with pickup trucks. Topeka is home to several roadside attractions, including a memorial statue to honor Pioneer Women, an Evil Knievel museum and a giant wren statue in Huntoon Park.  

At Abilene, Rittel’s Western Wear has the world’s largest spur outside the store. It stands nearly 30 feet tall.  

The town of Wilson, Kansas is the “Czech Capital of Kansas” and as such, they have erected the world’s largest Czech Egg in the center of town.  

Goodland, Kansas has the world’s largest easel, but also several oversized easels around town. 

The World's Largest Easel in Goodland, Kansas

If you have time to venture a bit further off I-70, we highly suggest a stop at Monument Rocks. You’ll never think of Kansas the same way again. 

I-70 Attractions in Colorado

After six hours of driving through the plains of Kansas, you reach Colorado. I would wager that Colorado probably contains the most beautiful and least beautiful stretches of I-70.

There are a lot of feedlots to pass through before reaching those beautiful Rocky Mountains!

The Rockie Mountains in the distance with a icy river in the foreground.

Just past Denver, in Morrison, there are dinosaur footprints you can visit at Dinosaur Ridge. This prehistoric I-70 attraction is not just one or two footprints, it’s more like a stampede! 

The town of Glenwood Springs has several Doc Holliday sites around town, including the spot where he died and his grave.  

Just before reaching Grand Junction, detour to Palisade, where a giant green trout has been crafted from hundreds of Colorado license plates. 

I-70 Attractions in Utah

I-70 enters Utah not far from Vernal, home of Dinosaur National Monument and ends when it meets up with I-15 between Salt Lake City and St. George. 

A pink dinosaur holds a sign welcoming guests to Vernal, Utah.

Green River, Utah, lays claim to the world’s largest watermelon slice, which was originally created for the annual Watermelon Festival at the end of summer.  

Carl’s Jr. in the town of Salina, Utah, has painted several large storage tanks outside to resemble soda cans. 

The last I-70 Utah roadside attraction is the Big Rock Candy Mountain in Marysvale. It’s now an RV park but the location inspired the song of the same name. And yes, you can rest assured that copies of the song, as well as rock candy, are still for sale in the gift shop! 

Have you seen any of these attractions? What would you add to our list of things to do along I-70? 

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