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Why You Need The Restroom Kit for Peace of Mind

The Restroom Kit is the ultimate product for road trip preparedness. Learn why you won’t want to set out on your next road trip without one.

Setting off on a road trip with my grandma and grandpa was always an adventure. It didn’t matter if we were driving 15 minutes into the nearest town for groceries or driving hours away to visit family, there were a few staples my grandmother would check and recheck to make sure they were loaded in the vehicle. 

That list included a new roll of toilet paper, a can of Lysol, a gallon of water, a drinking glass, and a brown paper bag. After all, you never knew when you may have to go to the bathroom or if you’d get thirsty, or heaven forbid you’d get car sick. As a young child, I didn’t think much of this road trip ritual but as an adult, I realized that my grandma was teaching me road trip preparedness. 

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There were also a few other things she taught me. Never to walk past change in a parking lot- even if it was only a penny. You never know when you may need it. And never wait until the last minute to use a public restroom. 

This second tip isn’t as cut and dry as you may think. Sure, one wouldn’t want to run the risk of not being able to find a bathroom on a road trip and that advice has come in helpful many times over the years but it goes a bit further. 

You see, when I was young, there were no disposable seat covers in the bathrooms like you find in some locations today. The purpose for not waiting until the last minute was so we could take that roll of toilet paper that my grandmother had packed for our trip and line the entire toilet seat after spraying it with Lysol and then she directed us not to even sit on the seat so we wouldn’t catch anything. Yes, to say she was cautious is an understatement.  

Enter The Restroom Kit

Restroom kits for road tripping

When I received The Restroom Kit, I immediately thought of my grandma and how much simpler the bathroom situation would have been with this small individually sealed portable bathroom kit that comes complete with a patented oversize toilet seat cover, a yard of 3-ply toilet paper, a tush wipe and wet wipe to clean your hands after you go. And everything is biodegradable so you simply flush it away after you’ve used it. 

In my grandmother’s case, this bathroom ritual was performed in restrooms that appeared clean because if they were dirty, well, we just skipped that stop and a side road was perfectly acceptable thanks to our roll of toilet paper and a brown paper bag that doubled both as a barf bag or trash receptacle. She wasn’t misguided.

Gross Statistics

Just look at these statistics and what The Restroom Kit may protect you from: 

  • 650+ types of germs and bacteria
  • 100,000 germs per square inch
  • 1 million bacteria every 4 uses

As much as I’d love to say that I always have the luxury of skipping out of a less than clean restroom but unfortunately, there have been times that I’ve needed to go and there are no other restrooms in sight. And since I often travel along the interstate, there isn’t really an option of stopping alongside the road like back in the old days when I would travel the backroads with my grandparents.   

The Restroom Kit is perfect for road trips during the pandemic. We don’t know what is open, what is closed or what is even being cared for. The last thing I want to run into is a bathroom that is less than sanitary or missing important components like TP or hand soap. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not touch the toilet paper roll that everyone else has touched. Or the sink handles or the dryer. Nope. I’ll stick with my self-contained Restroom Kit for peace of mind. After all, when it comes to bathroom precautions, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

Where to Purchase The Restroom Kit

The Restroom Kit can be purchased on Amazon (affiliate link) or via The Restroom Kit. Prices start at $11.99 for a pack of 3 and the price decreases with larger quantities so you can purchase a pack of 30 on Amazon for only $59.00 with free Prime shipping. 

Whether you’re road-tripping, camping, or just out for a drive with the family, you can count on The Restroom Kit to keep you covered. 

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