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Tips for Glamping on a Budget

Have you thought about glamping but don’t think you can afford it? Our tips will show you how glamping on a budget is possible.

Glamping is a fun way to make family memories.

I’ve always loved to camp but I’ve never enjoyed roughing it. Even when my husband and I were die-hard tent campers, I was always on the hunt for items that would make our camping experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

After watching me tear down and pack up a queen-size camp bed complete with goose down pillows and a white goose down comforter my aunt exclaimed that I was not a true camper. Maybe not, but one thing I have always been is a glamper at heart.

As someone who has taken interior design courses and loves to decorate it seems that glamping just comes naturally. 

But I’m also thrifty. 

I’ve been known to scour thrift stores for weeks looking for the perfect glamping accessories. 

One thing is certain. 

Camping may not come naturally to me but glamping on a budget is one area I excel.

Tips for Glamping on a Budget

A glamping set-up in a yurt

  1.     Stay close to home.

The further you travel from home, the more your glamping experience will cost in terms of money and time. Consider setting up your glamping tent in your backyard or a nearby local, state, or national campground.

  1.     Cook your own food.

Camp food doesn’t need to be difficult. 

Throw some canned croissants in a pie iron with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese for a classic campfire pizza sandwich for a family glamping experience or throw together a simple charcuterie board and serve it with wine for a romantic couples evening.  

Campfires, glow sticks, friends and family make backyard glamping special.

  1.     Make a vision board.

This can be as easy as creating a Pinterest board like mine or rifling through magazines and catalogs that you may own and cutting and pasting into a notebook or sheet of cardboard. Be creative and pick items that appeal to you and make you feel calm and relaxed.

Your vision board will help a theme emerge and help you stay focused when it comes to shopping for your items. 

  1.     Make a list of what you’ll need.

This doesn’t have to be exact- just have an idea of what you will need. This should have the basics like a tent, air mattress, etc. as well as your wish list of items that you WANT to have that will set the experience apart from a normal camping experience.  For example:

  •       2 large throw pillows (turquoise)
  •       2 smaller throw pillows (pale yellow)
  •       1 comforter or blanket
  •       1 throw rug
  •       2 outdoor chairs
  •      fairy lights

  1.     Use what you already own.

Now that you have a list of what you want, you may realize that you already have items around your home that will work for glamping. 

Look for the items on your list. Keep in mind that they may not be exactly what you have in mind, but some items can be repurposed which brings us to #6. 

  1.     Repurpose items that you no longer want or need.

I’ve been known to make light fixtures or chandeliers from items I already own.

 Empty wine bottles can become candle holders, empty glass spaghetti or mayonnaise jars look cute with fairy lights, etc. 

Spray paint is amazing for repurposing or transforming an okay item into something fantastic that will fit your theme. Spray paint bottles or old lawn chairs to make them look like new. 

I recently covered an ugly blue storage cube with white faux fur to make an adorable footstool and added seating space for van camping. The bonus is that I can store items inside the cube that I need but don’t necessarily want visible. 

Assorted chocolates, graham crackers and marshmallows make a pretty tasty S'mores bar.

  1.     Make a thrift store run.

I find the best deals at thrift stores! When my oldest son and daughter-in-law were married, I hosted the rehearsal dinner. I found nearly every single decoration at the thrift store from pillows to throws to an outdoor chandelier!  You’ll be surprised by what you can find.

  1.   Buy what you need. 

Finally, when you’ve rummaged through your house, creatively repurposed what you can and scoured the thrift stores, rummage sales, and Facebook Marketplace, it may be time to purchase a couple of new items.  

My favorite place to purchase new items at inexpensive prices is Oriental Trading. You’ll find great options for lighting, lanterns, and other items that will be great for decorating your glamping tent (I found a ton of items in the wedding items) or setting up a S’Mores bar. 

Items I purchased from Oriental Trading include: 

Rattan Natural Lantern with Handle

Battery Operated Gold Ombre Flameless Candles (set of 3)

Gold Metallic Vase Set

Simply Timeless Light-Up Hanging Paper Lanterns (set of 3)

Gold Foil Striped Paper Straws



A yurt tent set up at night.

  1. Plan something to do. 

Listen to music, stargaze (better yet, plan to glamp during a meteor shower), read a book, or play outdoor games. 

The plan is to enjoy the experience and create some memories without spending a fortune. 

Have you considered glamping before? What would your ideal glamping experience look like? 

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