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25 Travel Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

Looking for a fun travel-inspired Christmas at home? Check out these travel ornaments that you can buy to adorn your tree and relive your travel memories. 

Decorate your Christmas tree with Travel ornaments.

When my kids were little, we started a Christmas tradition. Each year, we would pull our coveted Christmas ornaments out of the box and as the kids placed each ornament on the tree, I would share the story of where each ornament had come from.

I had amassed a collection of cloth ornaments and many handmade pieces so it was a wonderful way to introduce my kids to loved ones who were no longer with us and effortlessly share stories from my childhood.  

Sadly, we stored our ornaments in boxes in our basement and one year when our basement flooded, we lost nearly all the ornaments. I was heartbroken. 

So, we started a new tradition. Each year we would pick a color theme and decorate the tree accordingly. One year it was black and silver, another it was white lace, once it was decorated with candy shaped ornaments. But there is one tree I’ve always wanted. 

A travel-themed Christmas tree complete with travel ornaments collected from our travels. 

I really wish I had started collecting Christmas travel ornaments years ago so that each year we could pull those ornaments out of the box and relive those special moments that we had shared as a family. 

I have made some of my own travel ornaments based on some of the places we’ve visited and you can read those posts and see step-by-step directions here and here. But if you’re not a DIYer, and you’re like me and you haven’t collected ornaments when you’ve traveled, I have more options for you. It’s never too late to get started. Even if you need to purchase one ornament at a time. 

Below you’ll find plenty of travel ornaments to decorate your Christmas Tree this holiday season. I’m sure you’ll find something that you love.  

Road Trip Travel ornaments for the Christmas tree

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Travel Ornaments for Christmas Trees

What better way to relive and share your favorite travel memories than by displaying ornaments from the places you've been on your Christmas tree? One day I will have a beautiful travel tree. #ChristmasTreeGoals

Have you considered decorating your Christmas tree in a travel theme?

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