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121 Things to do this Summer for Couples

With over 100 things to do this summer for couples, there’s no reason you can’t plan a fun date night or two for you and your significant other.

121 Things to do this summer as a Couple

I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I fail to decide on an activity to do on the weekend when we’re not working. If we fail to plan ahead, we most likely won’t do a darn thing which frustrates me.

So I brainstormed things to do this summer as a couple which resulted in this list.

I purposely kept the list generic so you can plug in the event or activity you would like to do anywhere in the country.

Many of these examples, like #7, #69, or #95, can be done with little or no effort while some activities may require a bit more planning. For example, #1 is “Go to a festival” but you’ll notice that I didn’t include examples of those festivals. 

You’ll find a ton of festivals throughout the U.S. and around the world to choose from. Do an internet search of festivals in your area.

Here in Ohio, we have a Blueberry Festival, Pumpkin Show, Renaissance Faire, and dozens of other events.

I found a couple that appealed to my husband, and I and made a note of the dates in my calendar. When that weekend rolls around and we’re discussing what to do, I’ll be reminded of that event.

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Things to do this Summer for Couples

  1. Go to a festival.
  2. Stop at a bakery you’ve never been to and buy donuts for breakfast.
  3. Take a walk along a beach.
  4. Visit the library and check out a book to read together.
  5. Take a walk in the rain.
  6. Go geocaching.
  7. Take a hike.
  8. Visit a local museum.
  9. Tour a factory.
  10. Volunteer in a homeless shelter, humane society, nursing home, etc.
  11. Go on a train ride.
  12. Play mini-golf.
  13. Plan and take a road trip.
  14. Spend a day browsing antique stores.
  15. Host a bonfire.
  16. Go camping or glamping.
  17. Go to the drive-in.
  18. Go to an outdoor concert.
  19. Go roller skating.
  20. Hang around in hammocks.
  21. Go to garage sales.
  22. Go ice skating in an indoor rink.
  23. Visit a roadside attraction. Here’s a huge list start with ——> Over 50 Roadside Attractions to Brake For
  24. Go fishing.
  25. Go on a ferry ride.
  26. Watch the sunrise together.
  27. Watch the sunset.
  28. Visit a state or national park.
  29. Go for a bike ride.
  30. Try a new restaurant.
  31. Watch a ball game.
  32. Go to a winery, brewery, or distillery for a tasting event.
  33. Tour a chocolate factory.
  34. Play laser tag.
  35. Shop at a thrift store.
  36. Watch a parade.
  37. Go to a car show.
  38. Go kayaking.
  39. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  40. Go to the mall.
  41. Watch a meteor shower.
  42. Blow bubbles.
  43. Play a board game.
  44. Go to a farmer’s market.
  45. Take a nap.
  46. Watch fireworks.
  47. Go to the zoo.
  48. Go swimming.
  49. Visit a root beer stand.
  50. Make popsicles.
  51. Cook dinner together.
  52. Make homemade ice cream.
  53. Have a BBQ.
  54. Go horseback riding.
  55. Jump on a trampoline.
  56. Go bowling.
  57. Plan a scavenger hunt with friends.
  58. Get in a water balloon fight.
  59. Get pedicures together.
  60. Pick blueberries, strawberries, or apples.
  61. Go to a waterpark.
  62. Go to an amusement park.
  63. Make your own craft brew.
  64. Learn to ballroom dance.
  65. Take a painting class. 
  66. Play disc golf.
  67. Go to a street fair.
  68. Catch fireflies.
  69. Go birdwatching.
  70. Smooch and take your picture in a photo booth.
  71. Make homemade lemonade or sun sweet tea.
  72. Stay up all night binge-watching Netflix.
  73. Roll down a hill.
  74. Plant a garden.
  75. Fly a kite.
  76. Wade in a creek.
  77. Try your hand at glass blowing.
  78. Roast and eat S’mores.
  79. Go canoeing.
  80. Visit a nature center.
  81. Visit a farm.
  82. Take a photography class. 
  83. Learn to sketch.
  84. Go on a wagon ride.
  85. Feed the ducks at a park.
  86. Get a tattoo.
  87. Adopt a dog or cat.
  88. Sleep under the stars.
  89. Try ax throwing.
  90. Eat at a food truck.
  91. Visit a botanical garden or arboretum.
  92. Visit a historical site.
  93. Ride a Ferris wheel.
  94. Visit a memorial garden.
  95. Go panning for gold.
  96. Stroll through a cemetery.
  97. Plan a pizza crawl.
  98. Learn to box. 
  99. Take selfies together. 
  100. Go on a mural hunt.
  101. Make homemade milkshakes.
  102. Have a movie marathon.
  103. Learn to hula hoop.
  104. Take your dog for a walk.
  105. Take a class and learn something new.
  106. Take a horse and carriage ride.
  107. Go rock climbing.
  108. Take a vacation together.
  109. Get a couples massage.
  110. Rent a boat and relax on a lake.
  111. Get a gym membership and work out together.
  112. Stroll through an art museum.
  113. Zoom around the track in a go-cart. 
  114. Go stargazing. 
  115. Go ziplining. 
  116. Take a segway tour. 
  117. Drink in a speakeasy. 
  118. Take an architecture tour.
  119. Document your day in photos. 
  120. Explore your hometown like a tourist. 
  121. Visit a county fair. 

Romantic Picks for You

What ideas would you add to this list? 


Tuesday 16th of July 2019

Great list! My suggestion is a combination of yours...visit the farmers market and prepare a locally sourced meal.

Tonya Prater

Monday 16th of September 2019

I LOVE this. :) Protection Status
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