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Coleman Pop-up Tent: Does it really set up in 10 Seconds or Less?

oes the Coleman Pop-up Tent really set up in 10 seconds or less Watch this video to see how easily you can set up camp.

Camping is a wonderful way to save money on a road trip and create memories. My family has camped on several occasions over the years and I can honestly say that each and every one of those experiences was unforgettable. In good ways and bad. From raccoons raiding our cooler, to thunderstorms terrifying us in the middle of the night, to awakening to find wild ponies in our campsite, camping has always been an adventure.

This summer, my husband and I are driving from our home in Ohio to Washington State. We plan to visit the states in the Midwest and Northwest that we have yet to cross off our 50 States list. Since this isn’t something we planned for, our goal is to make this experience as inexpensive as possible. We spent less than $3000 on our road trip to California with our kids two years ago, so I’m optimistic that we can reduce that number for the two of us.
One way we plan to reduce expenses, is to camp. I’ll admit, I’m nervous. We have only camped once since I got Lyme disease about ten years ago. As apprehensive as I am, I’m also excited to see if camping is something that my husband and I still enjoy now that we’re in our 40’s.

When researching tents, I found one that claimed to set up in 10 seconds or less. Wow. Now that was one tent that I had to learn more about. So I scoured local sporting goods stores in search of the tent. I found a two-person version at one store, but I really had my heart set on the four-person tent. Who knows? We may have grandchildren in the future that would like to camp with us. So, I took a look at the display model in the store and then I found a four-person version online and placed an order.

As soon as the tent arrived, my husband and I set out to set it up to see if it could deliver what it claimed. I recorded it so you can see for yourself just how easy this Coleman Pop-Up Tent can be.

Things to Know about the Coleman Pop-Up Tent:

1. It sets up in 10 seconds.
2. It takes a bit longer than 10 seconds to take it down and store it back in its case. But it does fit back in the case and how many tents can make that claim?
3. You’re not going to be able to stand up in this tent, but you can sit up with plenty of head room.
4. For those who prefer not to rough it entirely, the tent does hold a full size air mattress, just place the mattress inside the tent before you attempt to inflate it.
5. The tent has taped floor seams to keep you dry on wet ground.
6. It also includes a multi-detachable rainfly.
7. The tent is available in both two and four person units.
8. Cost for the Coleman Pop-Up Tent is around $100 (less online).
I’m sure I’ll add to this list after I have the experience of spending a few overnights in it, but for now, I’m thrilled. I am so excited to have the opportunity to camp with my husband- even if our big kids won’t be joining us on this trek.

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