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Enjoy a Magical Stay in Landoll’s Mohican Castle Stables Suite

When it comes to things to do in Mohican, it doesn’t get much better than spending the night in a castle. There’s no need to travel to Europe. Landoll’s Mohican Castle allows you to sleep in a castle, well-appointed Stables suite, or cottage without leaving Ohio.

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That’s right. Drive along the Wally Road Scenic Byway or through the gorgeous and scenic Mohican State Park, stop for a photo at the Covered Bridge, and even spend some time on the trails. Then take a short 20-minute drive from Mohican State Park to Landoll’s Mohican Castle and let the fairy tale begin. 

Landoll’s Mohican Castle

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The castle view upon arrival

Built in 2002, the Loudonville castle is not what you’d expect to find on the backroads of Mohican. This upscale, luxurious property is built onto a hillside in the Mohican Country and welcomes guests from around the country. 

My husband and I first stayed at Landoll’s Castle about eleven years ago for our 20th wedding anniversary. Yikes! Are we really THAT old?! 

Photos of Landoll's Mohican Castle in Loudonville Ohio
Photos taken from our first trip in 2012.

During that stay, we opted to stay in the Landoll Suite, the largest of Landoll’s Mohican castle suites. Our three-tier suite was beautifully decorated with hardwood floors, custom tapestries on the windows, heavy fabrics on the bed and wrought iron railings and stone fireplace.

Much of the woodwork in the room, from the trim to the custom-milled arched doorways feature hardwoods milled from the Landoll Estate. The handcrafted hearth on the fireplace feature stones cleared from the estate grounds in the 1800’s.

That was before Gordon Ramsey and Hotel Hell showed up to critique the property and offer suggestions on how to improve things. It was evident that the castle wasn’t in tip-top shape at that time, but we still loved our stay and I’ve been dreaming of a return visit ever since. 

I mean really, sleep in a castle? Who wants to pass up that opportunity? I’ll give you a hint. With my love of all things unique lodging, it’s not going to be me.

My husband and I returned in early November for another stay at the Mohican castle and our stay was impeccable. This time we didn’t stay in a castle suite or one of the cottages (but that’s on our list for next time). This time we stayed in a room in the newly built Stables which opened to guests two years ago. 

It was truly the royal experience I had anticipated. 

Our Stay in The Stables Suite at Landoll’s Mohican Castle

A hotel that looks like a barn from the outside

Once you pull into the drive leading to Landoll’s castle, you’ll see The Stables up the hill and on the left but to check in, you’ll want to continue to the castle which is just up the drive. You’ll check in at the lobby, get a map of the property and with your key in hand, make your way back the way you came. 

We stayed in the Clare Suite overlooking the gorge which was the perfect vantage point to watch the sun come up in the morning. 

A room key to unlock the door to your hotel room. .

Stepping inside the room, I was immediately surprised by the spacious floor plan.

A glimpse inside a room at The Stables.

The suite included a King-size bed, sleeper sofa, table & chairs, stocked mini-bar for purchase and a large screen TV but the feature that I appreciated the most on a cool fall evening, was the two-person Whirlpool tub in the beautifully appointed bathroom with cotton robes ready for us to slip into.  

Fancy hotel bathroom

The suite was decorated with images photographed from around the property, which caught my eye. 

The bed was incredibly comfortable though my husband complained there were too many pillows. Really? Can a bed have too many pillows? I beg to differ.  Besides, you move all the decorative pillows for sleeping anyway. 

The bed at the Stables

Chairs outside the suite provide an opportunity to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you and there is also a patio at the back of the Stables.

Seating outside your hotel room.

A short hiking trail is visible off the patio area that leads to the indoor pool and also to a small cemetery that is on the property.

A short trail leads to a cemetery onsite at Landolls Castle.

While my husband relaxed in our room and took the opportunity to watch some of the news channels, I took the opportunity to walk around the property and take some photos to my heart’s content. It was the perfect compromise. 

A small cemetery on the castle property.

Of course I had to take that short walk to the cemetery to check it out.

Pool house at Landoll's

Landoll’s Castle sits on 30 acres which are mainly wooded. This serves the castle, which is not visible from the road, well and adds to the allure of the property.

The view of Landoll's Castle on the grounds

During the winter, the trees are strung with lights to create Christmas at the Castle, a Kingdom of Lights, which I can only imagine is a stunning sight to behold. This brings me to a popular question. 

What to do at Landoll’s Mohican Castle?

Outside the castle.

Eat, drink and be merry pretty much sums it up but in all seriousness, here are a few things to do on the grounds:

  • Get married. Landoll Castle is one of the area’s premier wedding destinations and let’s face it; how many of us can say you got married at a castle? 
  • Eat & drink at The Copper Mug Bar & Grille which is located onsite. Heed my advice, if you want to enjoy an evening meal at the castle, make sure you call ahead for reservations. 
  • Take a hike or photo walk around the property
  • Relax in the pool/hot tub
  • Tread lightly through the historic cemetery on the grounds. Guided cemetery tours are available on select nights. 
  • View the Kingdom of Lights at Christmas
  • Forget about everyone else and focus on the special someone you arrived at the castle with. 

My recommendations? Book a room, any room. Make a reservation for dinner and maybe even breakfast if you’re staying over. And let the staff pamper you by reserving a spa service prior to or upon arrival- doesn’t a couples massage sound heavenly? 

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Landoll’s Mohican Castle Contact Information

Book here: Website   |  Phone:  1-800-291-5001 or 1-419-994-3427

Address: 561 Twp. Rd. 3352 Loudonville, OH 44842

Would you or have you been a guest at Landoll’s Mohican Castle?

This review was originally written after our first stay in 2012 has been updated based on our most recent stay. 


Tuesday 9th of August 2016

We are staying here at this momen. We are from Indiana. My husband and i have 5 kids and needed to get a way. My husband just happened upon a castle so how could we resist! The road to the castle look freshly paved and smooth. They say the pool will be reopened at the end of the month and it looks great! Hell Hotel was here last week and the food is amazing!! The grounds are wonderful and we are staying in the Gale Suite which is beautiful. We really love this place. Perfect and quite! We are thinking about making this our yearly get away spot.


Thursday 18th of August 2016

Glad to hear you had a great stay, Tara! I can't wait to return for another stay and this time I definitely want to try the food.


Monday 8th of February 2016

My husband and I chose Landoll's Castle for the beginning of our honeymoon in October 2015 for a 2-night stay. We stayed in the Buchheit Suite before we left for a Hawaiian Cruise. The room was just stunning. It was the perfect place to come in October. The foliage was absolutely beautiful. Although I agree that the grounds could be maintained a little better, it was an incredible place to have a honeymoon or romantic stay. We are definitely planning on coming back for anniversaries and/or getaway weekends. I would recommend it 100%.


Monday 27th of July 2015

My husband and I stayed during a week night last week at the castle. We had a pleasant stay, Our room was beautiful. We stayed in the Gale Suite. The meal we had at the restaurant was wonderful and we bought a jar of the homemade jam after having a taste at dinner. We've stayed at the Castle in the past during the winter, shortly after it opened.

Although I enjoyed our stay, I think the quality of the stay has declined from our first visit. The pool had just opened when we first visited and the old restaurant was in operation. The facility was relatively new. They had the carriage ride available and while we didn't go for a hike, I was told there were trails. In fact, I seem to recall being told the property had 100 acres which was part of the grounds.

This stay, when I inquired about the carriage ride, I was told their horse died. When I asked about trails, I was told they didn't have any other then the cement and brick paths between buildings. I asked about tours of the building and was told they don't do that because there are guests in the rooms. They did provide a key to the tower which provided a nice view. But it would have been nice to have more information about the history of the building and the area. Even printed material for a self-guided tour would have been nice. I didn't feel that the front desk was very knowledgeable. I felt the restaurant staff did a better of job with just a single page of history of the facility.

The buildings seem to be in a slow decay. The pool building was closed and un-maintained. It's being used for miscellaneous storage. With a wealth of windows, we could see all the stored clutter in the building. The gutters have plants growing in them and a large glass cover from one of the outdoor lamps of the Castle was sitting on the ground behind the pool house. There is a leak around the window on the stairwell in the Hickory entrance to the vending machine area and additional suites. It smelled like mildew in the vending area, which might be attributable to the window leak. There's also maintenance on the Castle such as staining the decks and siding and replacing missing and failing shingles which needs to be done.

You really need to find your entertainment somewhere else when you visit here now. Unless you intend to watch a rented DVD or play a board game. This facility has a lot of potential but it needs some tender loving care to bring it back to life.



Thursday 6th of August 2015

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Cindy. I've mentioned several times to my husband that we should stay again so I could update my post. I'm sad to hear the horse died, as that was a highlight for me during our visit. As to the grounds, they were in need of some TLC when we were there too and I was disappointed by the lack of trails. It sounds as though they've really let the property go, which I'm saddened to hear.

Daetop Renots

Saturday 2nd of November 2013

.....It does have wonderful potential though!

Daetop Renots

Saturday 2nd of November 2013

I agree fully on the upgrades. If we weren't in the U.S. I may think different, but all the finishings are cheap for being "luxurious" I guess in 1990 it could pull off highend Protection Status
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