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Mohican Lodge and Conference Center Review

Tonya Prater, Owner

The Mohican Lodge and Conference Center features comfortable rooms, a ton of activities and easy access to all things outdoors making it an ideal setting for nature lovers of all ages.A deep peeking out of the woods.

Thank you to the Mohican Lodge and Conference Center for providing our stay. All opinions are my own. 

I may regret this, but I’m going to share one of the Buckeye States best-kept secrets- our Ohio state park lodges.

I haven’t stayed at all of them, but the ones I’ve stayed at have been incredible and I can’t imagine the others would disappoint. 

Allow me to share why I think you should consider a state park lodge getaway. 

Two smiling people in a vehicle.

Our first getaway since my husband’s accident.

When my kids were young, my family spent years traveling with my husband’s job. We stayed in one hotel room after the other and believe me when I tell you it wasn’t always fun. 

But the properties we did enjoy all had one thing in common- easy access to nature. It didn’t matter if it was an adjacent park, a beach or a room a short walk from the mountains, we needed to be outside, some of us more than others. 

If we were cooped up, we were likely arguing or had been arguing and at least one, if not all family members ended up sulking the night away. 

Don’t pretend to tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about. 

Why Stay at Mohican Lodge and Conference Center?

Pleasant Valley Lake as the sun sets.

I’m here to say that at the Mohican Lodge and Conference Center, you won’t have that problem. You can be as active as you want to be. You truly have no need to stay inside your room, unless you want to. 

An outside look at the Mohican Lodge and Conference Center surrounded by trees.

The Mohican Lodge and Conference Center is a sprawling 96-room complex situated on a bluff overlooking the Pleasant Hill Lake. With no shortage of amenities, you’ll find plenty to occupy your time. 

A beautiful indoor pool that is outside as the sun goes down.

The view of the pool from our private balcony.

Activities at the Mohican State Park Lodge

Take a peek at the of the Mohican Lodge Activities you can expect to find: 

  • Indoor and outdoor pools
  • Exercise room
  • On-site restaurant and lounge
  • Paved walking trails
  • Bike trail
  • Sauna
  • Game room
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Shuffleboard 
  • Basketball courts
  • Geocaching
  • Evening campfires from Memorial Day to Labor Day
  • Family programs from Memorial Day to Labor Day

a collage of things to do at Mohican Lodge and Conference Center.

See what I mean? This is what you’ll find at the lodge and I haven’t even touched on the neighboring Mohican State Park and adjoining Mohican State Memorial Forest which collectively offer over 6,000 additional acres and miles of trails to explore. 

A bald eagle spotted at Mohican State Park.

Spotted on one of our previous trips to Mohican State Park.

My family has enjoyed hiking the Pleasant Hill Trail, the trail to the Big and Little Lyons Falls and the Hog Hollow Trail. If you’re looking for an easy trail to take with kids, the Discovery Trail in the state forest is a short, educational hike. 

The Discovery Forest in Mohican.

The Discovery Forest Trail in the Mohican State Memorial Forest.

Nearby Loudonville welcomes guests from around Ohio and beyond to experience a genuine outdoor lover’s paradise. This small historic town has even been called the Canoe Capital of Ohio and for good reason. 

The Mohican River welcomes troves of kayaks, canoes, and rafts during the busy summer months and even into fall when visitors travel to see the fall foliage and take senior photos on the covered bridge.  

acorn on the ground

The Wally Road Scenic Byway is a short drive away and a great opportunity to learn about the area’s history and possible spot a Bald Eagle or two.

There is so much to do in the area! Over the years, my family has spent many happy, relaxed days on the trails and even tent camping in the Mohican State Park Campground. 

A peek at the Rooms at Mohican Lodge

As we enter our empty nest years, my husband and I are learning to enjoy our favorite family activities without kids. Such was our recent stay at the Mohican State Park Lodge. 

A comfortable bed in a bright airy room.

This bed in the King Room at the Mohican Lodge and Conference Center was so comfortable!

We spent two nights in a King Room at the lodge and let me tell you, we loved every minute of it, starting with the scenic drive there which was full of wildlife sightings. 

Pictures of inside a hotel room.

We spotted what we believe to be osprey, two young foxes playing in the entrance road to the lodge, several deer, squirrels, and a possum and that was before we even checked in! How amazing is that? I’m only sad that my camera wasn’t handy because it’s not every day that we see a fox, let alone two!

an osprey nest on top of a telephone pole

Our room was tastefully decorated and provided a seating area inside and one outside on the balcony as well. The comfortable bed and heavy drapes allowed us to block out the light and sleep in each morning. 

 Each room has a refrigerator and a microwave is available to use just outside the lobby for heating food or making popcorn. 

Indoor Fire Pit with View of the lake

The Indoor Fire Pit is a great place to take in the view of the lake or hang out with a book in the lodge lobby.

While we were essentially there to unplug and get away from it all, I did work a bit while my husband was napping in the afternoons and found the free high-speed wi-fi connection more than adequate.

Man on a paved path through the woods in a wheelchair.
I also explored the property and found several surprises tucked away in the lodge lobby. Not only is there a gorgeous spot to sit and relax while looking out over the water, but I also found a leave-a-book take-a-book shelf, a bookshelf full of puzzles for rainy day fun and a pressed penny machine that significantly lightened the load in my purse by the time I fed it all my pennies and quarters. 

I also browsed the gift shop while hubby was sleeping. I found locally made popcorn, chocolates, t-shirts, a large selection of souvenirs, books for the kids, and Bigfoot novelties, which I almost bought.

a handful of pressed pennies
You’ll find limited dining in both of the nearby towns but the lodge does have a full-service restaurant called Bromfield’s Dining Room. I tried to talk my husband into dining there just for the views but he wouldn’t go for it so we compromised and ordered pizza from Boxer’s Lounge. It was delicious!     

pizza in a pizza box

Hungry? You can dine in at Boxer’s Lounge or grab a pizza to go.

I admit, my husband and I were apprehensive about out two-night getaway. This was the first trip that we’d taken since my husband’s accident and spinal fusion in May but our fears were short-lived.

Man walking along a trail in a wooded area.

The Gorge Overlook is a short easy walk from the parking lot in Mohican State Park.

The smell of the evening campfire burning on the patio, the warm breeze coming off the lake and viewing the abundant wildlife just off the paved path was just what the doctor ordered. I can’t imagine a better place to ease back into our travel lifestyle than at Mohican State Park Lodge. 

Man beside a lake view.

Have I convinced you to make reservations at this Mohican resort yet? For about the same as you’d pay for a cookie-cutter hotel, you could stay in a well-appointed, comfortable room with scenic views and wildlife a few steps from the door. Forget Disney, this is cheaper and for the nature lover, every bit as magical. 

a deer in the woods

Things to know before you go.

looking down a long hallway

  1. Make sure you look at the events schedule before you arrive so you don’t miss any of the fun activities. The lodge holds some really fun nature events including a Birds of Prey demonstration on Saturday evenings during the summer. 
  2. This brings me to my second point, if you plan to take part in the nature events and especially if you’re traveling with kids, be sure to pack an extra pair of shoes & socks, bug spray, sunscreen, refillable water bottle and maybe water shoes depending on what programs you want to take part in.  
  3. The setting is perfect for a picnic and you will have a refrigerator in your room so why not pack some snacks and lunch fixins’ from home? If all else fails you can drive towards Loudonville and stop in at the Mohican Country Market on S. Market Street for supplies. 
  4. Expect to have some lack of cell service when at the lodge and in the park. I have Verizon and there are spots where I have lagging or no service. 
  5. The lodge is sprawling with several sets of stairs. If you are disabled or have mobility issues and don’t normally request a handicap accessible room, make sure you do ask for a room closest to the lobby and on the main floor (2) so you don’t need to navigate stairs. My husband now walks with a pronged cane and it was a hike for him to walk from the parking lot to our room so we got the wheelchair out for the occasion. You will find plenty of seating areas along the way to stop and rest if needed. 
  6. Unless you pack light, a suitcase with wheels will be helpful when navigating to your room. Just trust me on this.  
  7. The paved walking trail that is found behind the property is a great addition to the site but keep in mind if you’re pushing a wheelchair, some of it is steep at times. If you’re disabled, I think a scooter or motorized wheelchair would be preferable.  
  8. Finally, don’t leave home without your camera. The photo ops are endless and you’ll want to capture some of the memory-making moments as they happen. 

So, are Ohio State Park Lodges one of Ohio’s best-kept secrets? I think so, but you really must experience them for yourself to see what I’m talking about.

Learn more about the Mohican Lodge and Conference Center and other Great Ohio Lodge properties at . Check prices and book your stay here

Have you stayed at any of the Ohio state park lodges? 

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Sam Cope

Tuesday 26th of October 2021

You have me convinced 😄 We just camped in Mohican State Park, which was awesome, + I want to say, Loudonville has adorable little shops to visit-- I particularly like one called Creative Outlet! Also, thanks for including tips for those w mobility issues.

Tonya Prater

Friday 12th of November 2021

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Loudonville. I agree downtown has some adorable shops. I've enjoyed browsing in Creative Outlet several times.

Butch Warner

Saturday 16th of November 2019

This used to be the the place we went to for the past 8 years. Mohican is now under new Management. The restaurant is now horrible. Boxers Lounge is still great but with the present bartender it's not like it used to be.

Tonya Prater

Wednesday 25th of March 2020

Hi Butch, I'm sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. You may be interested to know the former manager is now back at the property so you may want to give it another chance when it reopens. Protection Status
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