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The World’s Second Largest Gator Roadside Attraction in Kissimmee Florida

The World's Second Largest Gator Roadside Attraction

Update: Sadly, this roadside attraction is no longer standing. It was demolished in 2014. 

This roadside attraction found at 4580 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy in Kissimmee, Florida was once the World’s Largest Gator but thanks to Gatorland in nearby Orlando, it is now the World’s Second Largest Gator. Still, an impressive title if you ask me.

Sitting in the parking lot of a closed hotel, I imagine this once famous roadside attraction doesn’t see as many visitors as it did in its glory days.

I couldn’t wait to get out and snap a few pictures with the kids who, when I showed them this picture wondered where it was. Can you believe that? They didn’t even believe me that we had stopped specifically to see this monstrosity on our Florida trip.

Fortunately, I have proof that at least two of my children accompanied me that day.

The World's Second Largest Gator in Kissimmee Florida

That’s right. No denying it now. My children were with me that day. See, mom doesn’t get to have all the fun. Though judging by the look on this guy’s face, one could argue the having fun part. If I remember correctly, the teens were getting pretty hungry.

Standing near the worlds second largest gator in Kissimmee Florida

But would hunger cause them to completely forget that we’d even visited this attraction? Hmmmm… the jury is out on that one.

If you ask me, this stop is worth a bit of a detour, but since my kids’ don’t even remember stopping, I’ll leave it up to you to determine how far out of the way you want to drive to see the World’s Second Largest Gator Roadside attraction.

They did, however, remember a stop at giant cross in Orlando on the very same day. In fact, I think we stopped at the cross right before the stop at the gator.

Moral of this story: Photograph everything. You never know when you may need to collaborate an event.

So, have your children ever NOT remembered a stop you made on vacation?


Wednesday 6th of May 2015

sniff, sniff. This has been torn down recently.

Cathy Sweeney

Tuesday 19th of March 2013

Hmmm... don't think I'd drive too far out of my way to see this in person. That's why it's so cool to see photos taken by you. It is pretty impressive. :)


Sunday 17th of March 2013

I forget where I've been all the time, and I don't have kids to remind me :)

Michele @ Malaysian Meanders

Saturday 16th of March 2013

Unfortunately, I'm the one in the family with the bad memory. The kids are usually the ones who have to remind me of the details of where we've been. The expression on your teens' faces are hilarious to me. This looks like a fun stop.


Friday 15th of March 2013

We are heading down to this area next month. We'll have to stop and show our boys (2, 5, and 7). We aren't doing Disney this year...any other stops you'd suggest? Protection Status
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