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Tin Shed Treehouse Review

The Mohicans Treehouse Resort near Loudonville features nine treehouses for guests to select from. Each treehouse is different and may offer different amenities. My husband and I have stayed at a number of the treehouses on the property and I’ve taken the time to write out my thoughts about each of our experiences, like in this Tin Shed Treehouse Review.  If you’d like to read our other reviews you’ll find them in this post focused on treehouses in Ohio

treehouse rental during the winter

Are you ready for a peek inside this treehouse? Let’s not waste any more time! 

Tin Shed Treehouse Review

Entering the Tin Shed treehouse is a bit of an adventure. One must first climb a 25-foot high spiral staircase before crossing a 100-foot extension bridge to reach the wrap-around deck of the property.

For the faint of heart or those with a mild (or more) fear of heights, this is no easy feat, yet I can attest that after the first time, it gets easier. Besides, the reward of spending a night in a treehouse forces one to face their fears and trudge on.

The Tin Shed Treeshouse is tucked amid the woods at The Mohicans.

And for those whose sense of adventure does not include such a grand entry, The Mohicans have other options available when it comes to treehouses. But I would caution you not to discount the Tin Shed yet. It’s pretty spectacular!

I was immediately at home upon entering the Tin Shed Treehouse. With living space downstairs and a loft upstairs with not one, but two, queen-size beds, this treehouse can accommodate up to four guests but personally, we liked having the treehouse all to ourselves.

the view from the loft

The reclaimed wood of various colors and textures and metal industrial components add a modern, yet comfortable feel.

Every inch of the treehouse was designed with functionality in mind.  The small, but capable galley kitchen area features a mini-fridge, hot plate, toaster oven, pots, pans, plates, glassware and silverware for four- everything you need to prepare and serve your favorite meal among the trees. You’ll also find complimentary coffee and tea to help you wake up in the morning or stave off the chill of a winter day, or a cool spring or summer evening.

coffee pot in the tin shed

The furnishings in the living area include two chairs, a coffee table, and an incredibly comfy leather sofa sized perfectly for two. Can you say cuddles? You’ll find books on the end tables to enjoy during the stay and accessories like decorative throw pillows, warm throw blankets, and a cow print rug to make the treehouse cozy with a touch of home. (NOTE: During Covid, you’ll no longer find extra throw blankets and pillows. My advice, if you’re visiting during the winter, pack a throw or extra blanket with you just in case. Even though the heaters do a fantastic job at keeping the treehouse warm, my husband prefers to keep things on the cool side which means I’m typically too cool for comfort.) 

A counter-height table and bench stools fit along a wall with a large window that provides plenty of light and views of the surrounding landscape. While my husband kicked back on the sofa and watched a movie on the wall-mounted TV, I sat gazing out across the woods typing some thoughts on my laptop. If I lived in the treehouse (yes, that is how much I LOVE this property), this area would be my work spot when the weather wasn’t warm enough for me to work from the deck.

Tin Shed Treehouse living room

You won’t find cable or wi-fi at The Mohicans and depending on your cell phone carrier, you may not have phone service either. Our provider is Verizon and it worked perfectly in the Tin Shed but was limited in the Old Pine Treehouse and the Killbuck Cabin, but the limited, or lack of service didn’t bother my husband or me. We were there to escape for the evening and we were prepared by renting a couple of Redbox movies before heading to the treehouse. You could also download your favorite shows on Netflix and watch them on your phone, tablet or computer. Here are a few of our favorite travel-themed movies that you’ll find on Netflix.  

Tin Shed bathroom

A sliding barn door leads to a narrow bathroom with a toilet, sink, and a ceramic-tiled shower. You’ll also find an outdoor shower on the porch to use during warmer weather. Hand soap and towels are provided, but you will want to pack your desired personal soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries.

Towels on the bed.

The loft is accessed by a built-in wooden ladder that leads to the bedroom. Climbing the ladder can be a bit intimidating if you’re afraid of heights so consider this before you rent this treehouse. There are options like the Silver Bullet Treehouse that doesn’t require climbing a ladder to access the sleeping quarters. And if you’re traveling with small children, you’ll feel better knowing they won’t be climbing up and down the stairs either. 

A large picture window and slanted roofline make the space feel open. There are also two smaller windows on the side which can be opened if you’d like to listen to the night sounds. The beds and bed linens, down comforters and duvets, are amazing, ensuring you’ll have an amazing night’s sleep.

The treehouse has a loft bedroom with two queen size beds.

During the summer, the living space extends outdoors as a wall on the main floor that is made from a garage door opens onto the deck with views of the surrounding treetops. I really wanted to try this feature but decided it wasn’t appropriate for January, even if it was unseasonably warm.

The garage door in the Tin Shed Treehouse opens up to extend the living space.

My husband and I had arrived right at check-in and after getting settled, we took a walk around the property and view some of the other treehouses (from a distance as to not invade anyone’s privacy). 

The outside of the Tin Shed Treehouse

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Tips for staying at the Tin Shed Treehouse

  1. Check the website frequently and don’t give up if you don’t see any availability. The property is often reserved for wedding parties who get first dibs on the cabins and treehouses. If they’re not reserved for the wedding party, reservations may open up.
  2. Pack light. To enter the treehouse, you’ll climb a 25-foot tall spiral staircase and cross a suspension bridge. You probably don’t want to haul a million bags up the steps and across the bridge- coming from someone who overpacks as a rule. A duffel bag or backpack is going to be a better option than lugging a suitcase.
  3. Remember there is no cable, phone or wi-fi so be prepared with a great book, a deck of cards, game, rent a few movies, or take a walk if you plan to stay onsite during your stay.
  4. Read all the details that you receive with your reservation. If traveling during the winter, be aware that the roads leading to The Mohicans are narrow and some are dirt roads. The Mohicans also recommend 4-wheel drive. While we didn’t need it to reach the Tin Shed, it would have been helpful for our stay at the Killbuck Cabin which has a steeper drive leading to it.
  5. Plan to arrive during daylight hours or pack a flashlight if you’ll arrive after dark.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the amenities in each treehouse. While they are similar, they are not entirely the same. For instance, the Old Pine Treehouse has a microwave while the Tin Shed had a toaster oven instead which can determine what, if anything, you plan to cook in the treehouse.
  7. While the loft is roomy, getting to it (and the sleeping quarters) does require climbing straight up a wooden ladder. If you have mobility issues that may hinder you, you may consider another treehouse as an option or one of the cabins on the property.
  8. As going to the bathroom at night will require going up and down a ladder, it’s not a bad idea to take a night light along to light your way. 
  9. Since we live on the outskirts of town, near an interstate, my husband and I find it helpful to sleep with a white noise machine because we find the lack of noise deafening at The Mohicans. 

Tin Shed Treehouse photos

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Must-have Resources for your Treehouse Stay

I’ve pulled together a few items that will come in handy during your stay at the Tin Shed Treehouse. 

If you’re looking for a unique treehouse glamping experience, consider adding these treehouses in Ohio to your bucket list. You won’t be disappointed! But don’t take my word for it. Read what other guests have had to say on TripAdvisor.

Find out more and book your stay at The Mohicans.

And don’t forget to pack your nightlight and portable white noise machine to make your home away from home as comfortable as can be. Protection Status
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