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Unique Lodging Options in Petoskey Michigan: Hobbit Homes, a Fairy Lodge, and Castle Rooms

Tonya Prater, Owner

To say I was enchanted the first time I laid eyes on the Petoskey area in Michigan is an understatement. The town is simply charming and what better way to add to the experience than to seek out unique lodging options in Petoskey Michigan that range from Hobbit Homes, a Fairy Lodge, and Castle Rooms.

The town is simply charming and what better way to add to the experience than to seek out unique lodging options in Petoskey Michigan that range from Hobbit Homes, a Fairy Lodge, and Castle Rooms.

My first time to the Mitten State, I was there to learn about all the wonderful things most people outside the area have never heard of. For instance, you can follow the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway who spent much of his first 22 years in the Petoskey area. Walk where he walked, eat where he ate, and drink where he drank.

One of the busiest independent bookstores in Michigan is located in Petoskey’s bustling downtown. The award-winning store is swarming with readers who prefer the smell of the ink and feel of the paper as they turn each page a new book and a place where the employees enthusiastically recommend their recent reads.

And if you’re lucky, you may get a glimpse of the Northern Lights at Headlands International Dark Sky Park, a protected park where artificial light pollution is absent, a plus for astronomy buffs and sky watchers.

There is much to adore about a visit to Petoskey. You can read more about the visit where I fell in love with Petoskey or learn about some of the history and the area’s first church. After you’ve finished reading, I’d like to introduce you to three unique lodging options in Petoskey Michigan.

Castle Rooms fit for Royalty at Boyne Mountain Resort

Boyne Mountain Resort is an Austrian-themed property at the base of Boyne Mountain with rooms that can accommodate anywhere from two to ten, with a ton of on-site activities that range from a water park, to zip lining to golfing to a spa, making it a great place for both families and couples. But what makes Boyne Mountain magical are the three and four-bedroom suites for families that include a bunk room fit for a prince or princess that resemble a castle. Boyne Mountain Resort is a popular option for outdoor lovers during any season, featuring on-site skiing during winter and plenty of options during warmer months.

Sleep among Fairies at Elvyn Lea Lodge

Elvyn Lea Lodge near Walloon Lake is the perfect setting for a family reunion or group event as well as for individual travelers. Located on over 40 acres, guests are welcome to walk along the wooded trails amid wildflowers and wildlife. It’s not hard to imagine fairies impishly peeking out from among the greenery as you marvel at the beauty of northern Michigan. The lodge offers guests private rooms that are rustic and cozy with comfortable bedding and décor that reflects that surrounding area. In the evening you may relax and sip a glass of wine around the indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

A Home Fit for a Gnome, or a Hobbit

The Charlevoix mushroom houses built by Earl Young in the early to mid-1900’s are known around the world for their unique architecture. Thousands of visitors visit the area each year to photograph these unique homes. Stone walls, boulder-framed windows and mushroom cedar-shake roofs are features that make these homes that range in size from tiny to massive, unusual and charming. While some are private homes, others are available for reservations and are sure to offer an enchanting evening or weekend for overnight guests. Not able to spend the night in a mushroom house? Consider taking a tour to see the outside of these properties.

You can read the reviews of these facilities at Tripadvisor and find out more about the Petoskey area by visiting their website.

Have you been to Petoskey? Is this somewhere that you would like to spend time?  

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Lindsay @ Let Me Give You Some Advice

Friday 26th of May 2017

We spend lots of time in Southwest Michigan but now that the kids are getting older and can handle a longer drive, I'm itching to explore northern Michigan. Thanks for the recommendations!

Tonya Prater

Sunday 17th of September 2017

I'm really hoping to stay in one of those mushroom houses before the end of the year. Not sure if it's going to happen, but one can hope. :) The castle rooms would be perfect for families and there is so much to do at Boyne Mountain. Protection Status
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