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Cool Camping Accessories you Need for your Next Adventure

Tonya Prater, Owner

Now that the weather is finally starting to cool off, I’m busy planning fall camping trips and buying some fun camping accessories to enhance my experience.

A camping scene with a tent and campfire in a clearing in the woods.

My husband and I love spending time outdoors and camping. Over the years we’ve camped in teepees, tents, yurts, our own DIY backyard glamping tent, a conversion van, RV and most recently we’ve discovered that we have an affinity for van camping. That said, I feel that I need to offer a bit of a disclaimer.

Even though camping is high on the list of pastimes that we enjoy, I’m not one to rough it. I much prefer to sleep on a comfy air mattress, wrapped in my goose-down comforter. Camping pads and nylon sleeping bags are not for me. I perfected glamping long before glamping was cool. 

This may be why I enjoy seeking out cool things for camping. 

Below, I’ve included some of my top picks for cool camping gear and the best part? These products make perfect van camping accessories and they can be used for tent and RV camping too. 

Some products were provided for consideration in sharing here on Travel Inspired Living. This post also contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Must-have Camping Accessories 

It doesn’t matter what camping you enjoy most, these are the items that I consider a MUST when I go camping.

Lumin Solar Inflatable Lanterns

I think the Lumin Solar Inflatable Lanterns are one of the best inventions for camping ever created! I currently only have another one in my Amazon shopping cart.

Featured on Shark Tank, this lantern is lightweight, inflatable, collapsible, and waterproof. Plus, it’s virtually indestructible making it safe for little hands who want to carry the torch around the campground.

The long battery life of up to 24 hours means you don’t need to spend all weekend charging it so it’s ready to go when you are and you can recharge it with Solar power (approx. 10 hours of direct sunlight) or speed up the process and use the micro USB cord to get the job done in 1-2 hours.

Adorable Travel Inspired Journals

travel notebooks

How adorable are these Anne Bentley notebooks? These are perfect to use as a travel journal to record all those fun stops and attractions you don’t ever want to forget.

These are a must, especially if you’re traveling to Nashville. How cute would it be to record your thoughts in this cute journal decorated with the city’s most popular attractions?  

Music City (Nashville)

Keep your Valuables Safe Anywhere with Safego Portable Storage

Keep all your products safe when camping with SAFEGO portable safe.

The SAFEGO portable safe should be a must when traveling. Not only can you use this in your vehicle, camper or hotel to protect your valuables, you can also use this at the beach or waterpark to guard your smartphone, Ray Ban’s, keys and wallet so you can enjoy yourself and save the locker fee.

The travel portable safe is a staple when tent or van camping and I even plan to purchase another one for my son to use in his pop-up camper. Did I mention this is the highest-rated portable safe online? And it comes in colors to match your beach towel or camper interior.

Purchase the item from SAFEGO Safe on Amazon and get free shipping with Amazon Prime it’s also available in this version if you’re looking for something more compact.   

Keep Your Drinks Cold for 24-hours with Swig Tumblers

Swig Tumbler

Swig’s vacuum insulated, stainless steel construction is BPA Free with a Push-Seal Lid and guaranteed sweat-free. Available in 20 and 30 oz sizes, the cups fit in most standard cup holders, making them perfect for those on-the-go moments.

Your cold drinks will stay cold for up to 24-hours while hot beverages retain their heat for 12 hours.

Swig is available in a variety of colors that include rose gold, navy and crimson with the new Swig Luxe tumblers featuring a swanky honeycomb texture and electroplate finish in Gold, Copper or Onyx.

How cute would these be to customize using a Cricut? 

Swig Luxe with Honeycomb design

Swig tumblers are available at and Amazon (which even has these adorable stemless wine glasses).

This Ruggable Rug is the BOMB for Camping

The Ruggable is perfect for camping.

When it comes to camping in a tent or RV, it’s nice to have something to wipe your feet off on before entering your domain and rugs make your campsite look nice and homey. But, let’s face it, outdoor rugs for camping can get messy and then who wants to deal with it? I found the perfect solution- Ruggable.

Not only is the Ruggable well-constructed and beautiful, but it also has a special feature that makes it very practical for campers.

The top part and bottom part of the rug are held together with cling effect technology which allows you to easily separate the top of the rug from the bottom and throw the rug cover in the washer for easy cleaning. How amazing is this?

I used the Ruggable pictured above when my husband and I van camped from Ohio to the Florida Keys and it worked beautifully. 

Purchase this item through the company or via Amazon

A Kachula Blanket so Versatile it Adapts to any Adventure you Throw at It

Kachula Blanket

 Coalatree’s Kachula Adventure Blanket is so versatile you’ll find it an indispensable accessory. This water-resistant blanket can also be used as a travel pillow, emergency poncho and light sleeping bag with the integrated modular system when you have multiple blankets.

Available from Coalatree and Amazon.My personal favorite adventure blanket is this pattern

Protect your Cooler and Campsite with Heavy Duty Scent Proof Bear Bags Smelly Proof bear bags

When it comes to spending time in the great outdoors, camping storage bags are a necessity. Even if you don’t plan to camp in bear country, you may find your food scent attracts other pesky critters like raccoons. Trust me. I’ve been there.

The Smelly Proof Heavy Duty line of storage bags have been bear-tested and will help keep your campsite free of late-night roaming creatures. In addition to food storage, these bags are great for organizing your camping supplies and keeping your gear dry in rainy weather. 

Smelly Proof storage bags are available at Smelly Proof and Amazon.

A Retro Radio Built for Adventure

This Muzen Speaker is the perfect portable speaker for camping and road trips.

This On the Road portable radio and a Bluetooth speaker is inspired by the late Jack Kerouac, an iconic American novelist. Featuring advanced audio technology and a retro design, this premium rosewood radio is sure to be a hit with anyone who sees it and hears it.

Designed for adventure, this tiny device packs a big punch with huge sound and functionality with the High-Fidelity Loudspeaker.

Simply listen to the radio, sync it to your phone or attach it with your AUX cord and listen to your favorite music in the kitchen, office, on a road trip or camping in the woods.

The radio is packaged in a leather hand-crafted and tailor-made duffle. An optional, but beautiful leather messenger pouch allows you to wear your tech and take it wherever you go.

The Muzen Speaker is available through Muzen Audio and can be purchased through Amazon as well. The radio is available in a multitude of colors

The Last Cooler You’ll Ever Need

The Pure Outdoor Cooler by Monoprice is designed to keep your perishable camping food and drinks cold for days. The unique rotomold construction makes the cooler durable and virtually indestructible.

This is a cooler that is built for extremes and can likely handle much more than you’d ever dish out on a normal camping trip. I was so impressed by this cooler that I even bought one for my son so he’d leave mine alone. 

You can read my full review here—> Save Money on Outdoor Gear with Monoprice

This cooler is available for purchase at Monoprice and Amazon.

Slay Boredom with Board Games

Stuff Happens is a fun game to play when camping.

Goliath Games have some of the best board games. From games like the Oregon Trail and Saved by the Bell that brings back memories of my children’s childhood to fun games for adults like Stuff Happens.

This fun game is great for two players or groups, the more the merrier, where you rank stuff that happens according to a misery index.

Is it better or worse to see your father naked than to have a third-degree sunburn? Trust me when I say this game is sure to generate some laughs. It’s now my family’s favorite and it’s compact and easy to pack.

Check out the entire line of games Goliath Games carries here or head here to purchase Stuff Happens at

Cool Camping Accessories to Keep You Safe when in the RV or Van Camping

First Alert Carbon Monoxide detector still in the packaging

If you’re like me, the last thing you may think of when you’re heading out the door to do some camping is a carbon monoxide detector. Am I right? 

Let’s think about this for a minute. Without a carbon monoxide detector, it is nearly impossible to detect carbon monoxide because it is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. If you’re camping in your RV or camper van and running the furnace, heater, refrigerator or cookstove, you may unknowingly subject yourself to carbon monoxide poisoning which is fatal if undetected. You can even be exposed to high levels of CO if you’re parked in tight spaces with other RV’s or vehicles that may be running. 

Why take the chance with your life? First Alert now offers a portable carbon monoxide alarm that is battery operated. The best part? The battery is good for 10 years! I guarantee this will be in our vehicle when my husband and I set out on our next van camping trip. I won’t leave home without it. 

The First Alert Multi-Function Carbon Monoxide Alarm is available for purchase through First Alert, Walmart or Amazon

Camping Accessories to Help You Stay Connected

myCharge Portable Adventure Charger on a table with the packaging.

I understand that when it comes to camping, you may plan to totally disconnect and be device free and I’m all for that. But I’ve also learned that my kids like to stay in touch, my phone is much easier to carry around then my heavier DSLR camera, and with all the cool camping apps available these days, a camping experience can benefit from a bit of cool camping tech. 

The myCharge Adventure Max portable charger rubberized finish is built for extremes and is splash resistant, drop resistant and dirt proof.  The carabiner clip allows you to clip it to a backpack or belt loop to ensure on-the-go charging is available for your smartphone, tablet, eReader, or Bluetooth speaker. Two usb ports allow you to quickly charge two devices. 

The myCharge Adventure Max portable charger can be purchased through Amazon.

Did you find some camping accessories to add to your camping toolbox before your next camping trip? 

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