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Historic Tours in Ohio that You Don’t Want to Miss

Learn about the history of the Buckeye State with these historic tours in Ohio that make perfect day trips for those in Central Ohio.

Three historic tours in Ohio from a mound shaped like a snake to the small brick home where Thomas Edison was born to earthen mounds built by prehistoric peoples.

If you have lived in Ohio as long as we have, you know that we take our history seriously here! With over 75 National Historic Sites, you could spend every weekend for over a year visiting a new and interesting piece of our state’s history!

I love that with the close proximity of all the locations, we can easily make some of these a day trip or an overnight and not have to pack more than a day’s worth of clothes and we’re off!

Add in the joy that is exploring an old home or experiencing the way ancient people lived, and I’m in!

Join me in my search for Historic Tours in Ohio!

Adena Mansion and Gardens Historic Site


The mansion on the grounds of Ohio’s 6th Governor and US State senator dates back to the early 19th century. Thomas Worthington built his mansion in Chillicothe, and 300 of the original 2000 acre property has been restored to its former glory!

Make sure you tour the mansion AND enjoy a stroll through the three-tiered garden area.

Know before you go – plan your trip between April and October due to the property being closed to visitors during the winter months.

Fort Meigs Historic Battlefield

On a bluff just above the Maumee River, you will find the site of Fort Meigs. The Fort dates back to 1813 and was built just in time to protect the soldiers inside from a British siege.

The victory for the Americans at the Fort is credited with helping the US in the war of 1812.

Open from April to October, visitors to Fort Meigs can go on a self-guided tour, possibly encountering actors in period garments performing tasks that would have been necessary in the years the Fort was active.

Make sure you check out the special events page so you don’t miss the opportunity to see a live reenactment or learn from a master blacksmith!

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Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum

The small brick home where Thomas Edison was born.

Milan, Ohio is the birthplace of arguably one of the smartest men in history. Is anyone else not surprised he’s from Ohio? The house Edison was born in has been kept in the family, with his wife and daughter opening the museum, and his great-great-grandchildren and nephews still on the board of trustees.

Guided tours begin on the quarter-hour, and are said to take about an hour total.

The museum is NOT handicap or stroller friendly, however.

Plan to visit any day except Monday, and any time of year except January. Who knows, maybe you’ll have your very own “Lightbulb” moment?

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park and Serpent Mound

The mounds at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park are open to the public.

These two National Historical Sites are about an hour apart, but eerily similar in design. Native Americans from 300 BC to 500 AD were thought to have built these massive structures to be used as part of traditional ceremonies.

The Hopewell people created mounded enclosures such as the ones seen at the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park. The Serpent Mound is a bit of a mystery, however. It can not be tied to any one group, and multiple excavations have not helped archeologists learn much about its purpose.

The only ideas that seem to have hard evidence backing them up are that the Serpent’s curled ends reflect the positioning of the Sun on the Summer and Winter Solstice, respectively. Whether we know the “Why” behind the mounds or not, these sites are certainly worth a visit!

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While we love to travel and see new, odd, quirky things, sometimes it is nice to just stay close to home.

Until my hubby recovers from his accident and we’re able to the van completely decked out, we plan on doing shorter trips.

These HIstoric Tours in Ohio are just what I need to keep my history and travel-loving brain happy.

Which one will you visit first?

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