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7 of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Ohio

Tonya Prater, Owner

Here are 7 of the most beautiful places to visit in Ohio. Ohio is a big state and there is a lot to see. Where is your favorite place to see in Ohio?

The most beautiful places to visit in Ohio

From unique museums and art galleries to historical sites and majestic outdoor destinations, like Yellow Springs and Hocking Hills, Ohio is home to a vast amount of Instagrammable places that will leave you breathless. Here is a list of 7 of the most beautiful places to visit in Ohio to get your itinerary started.

7 of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Ohio

Hocking Hills

Stepping onto the trails that are part of Hocking Hills State Park is like stepping into Middle Earth. Easily one of the most scenic places to visit in Ohio, the awe-inspiring park provides luscious greenery, deep gorges, majestic waterfalls, and spectacular cliffs. There are also a vast amount of caves and extraordinarily tall hemlocks where one may expect to encounter a hobbit or elf. 

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Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Display in Franklin Park Conservatory

The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is roughly 90 beautiful acres located close to downtown Columbus. The park gives guests the chance to explore magical gardens, phenomenal vegetation, and entrancing plant diversity. The spectacular beauty of the conservatory will have you in awe. And until January 2021, guests have the opportunity to experience the Chihuly Collection, a permanent collection of 19 glass installations. Experience Chihuly nights from 7-10 pm.

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Wayne National Forest

A wetland look at the wayne national forest

The Wayne National Forest is the only national forest in Ohio and is clustered in three areas along the Appalachian Mountains and the Ohio River, covering an area of over 225,000 acres. One of the most unique features is the Irish Run Natural Bridge. At over 50 feet in length, it is one of twelve natural bridges in Ohio. The Wayne National Forest has more than 2,000 species of plants and an array of wildlife. The robust forest is suspected to host a large Bigfoot population. Who wouldn’t want to run into Bigfoot?

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Marblehead Lighthouse State Park

The Marblehead Lighthouse against a snowy sky.

The focal point of this nine-acre state park is the Marblehead Lighthouse which has been in operation since 1822, making it the oldest operating lighthouse along the U.S. side of Lake Erie. Accessible throughout the year, it doesn’t matter when you visit, the lighthouse is always gorgeous, making it one of the most recognized landmarks along Ohio’s Coastal Trail.  

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Ohio Caverns

Ohio Caverns

The caverns, described long ago as the place “where nature carved a fairyland,” are the largest known cave system in the state. The caverns boast an immense arrangement of stalactite and stalagmite formations- varying in color and variety.  Expanding to 103 feet underground, this cave complex boats 2 miles of surveyed passageways. The Ohio Caverns features the Crystal King, the largest free-hanging stalactite in Ohio at 5 feet and over 400 pounds. The caverns are simply otherworldly and will take your breath away, it’s bucket list-worthy. 

Lake View Cemetery

An ornate mausoleum in a cemetery

Referred to as an outdoor art museum, Lake View Cemetery is quiet, serene, and full of history. Wander the paths alone in the early morning with your camera in hand to capture the tranquil setting or join a group tour to learn more about the cemetery and those who are buried on the grounds.

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The Wilds

Take a safari-like ride through The Wilds and you won't even know you're in Ohio.

The Wilds is one of the largest conservation centers in the world. The park sits on about ten thousand acres. The park is home to a vast amount of unusual and endangered animals from all over the world. There is an infinite amount of Instagrammable opportunities on the safari. 

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I hope this list inspires you to go and explore the beautiful world around you. What favorite spots do you enjoy visiting in Ohio? Protection Status
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