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Traveling to Put-in-Bay via Miller Boat Line

Tonya Prater, Owner


Traveling to Put-in-Bay via Miller Boat Line

Traveling to Put-in-Bay via Miller Boat Line


Remember our trip to Put-in-Bay? Our ferry was provided by Miller Boat Line, the only ferry that transports both passengers and vehicles to Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island.

I have to tell you that as soon as I saw the parking lots (yes, there is more than one) for Miller Boat Line, I began to get giddy like a school girl. I knew our getaway was about to begin and I couldn’t contain my excitement!

My husband pulled into the parking area leading to the ticket booth and it was smooth sailing from there.

Since we were taking our vehicle, we didn’t even need to step out of it. We were directed to drive up to the ticket booth where ferry personnel grabbed our tickets for us and directed us to the correct line for the departing Put-in-Bay ferry. Traveling to Put-in-Bay via Miller Boat Line couldn’t have been any easier!

We waited briefly before the vehicles were directed to begin boarding the boat. We were directed where to park, put the emergency brake on our vehicle and stepped out to enjoy the view from the passenger area of the ferry.

Miller Ferry to Put-in-Bay

We could have stayed in the vehicle for the short trip to the island, but we couldn’t resist feeling the warm breeze blowing against our faces and through our hair.

The top of the boat offers plenty of seating for passengers, plus there is room along the railing for those that prefer to stand and get the best view of the Lake Erie.

As we approached South Bass Island, we made our way back to our vehicle. Once docked, we were directed when to drive off the ferry and from there we simply made our way to downtown Put-in-Bay.

We stayed on South Bass Island for two nights but when we were ready to leave and make our way home, the process was just as easy. The only difference was that on the return trip we didn’t get out of the truck for the twenty minute ride across Lake Erie.

Miller Ferry leaving the dock

What you should know about Miller Boat Line

Miller Boat Line has been a family owned and operated business for over 100 years. It started with the Miller family as a fishing charter and ice business. As a small, growing  business, Miller supplied ice to sailors and businesses in Put-in-Bay during the warm summer months, before evolving into a passenger ferry. In the 1970’s Miller Boat Line passed to the Market family, who retained the Miller name. Today Miller Boat Line is the largest ferry service on Lake Erie.

Schedules vary throughout the year so make sure you double check what time the boat you want departs the mainland and arrives on the island. Reservations are not required for passengers, nor are they required for vehicles to Put-in-Bay, but keep in mind that round trip passes are not available for vehicles on Sundays. And for good reason! You should have seen the vehicles lining up for the trip back to the mainland when we arrived at South Bass Island!

Miller Boat Line also provides ferry service to Middle Bass Island. Unlike the ferry to South Bass Island, if you decide to take your vehicle, you will need to make a reservation in advance.

Miller Boat Line also has a website where you can find discounts, maps and trip planning tools.

Once you near Catawba, you’ll find plenty of signs pointing your way to Miller Ferry. It’s hard to miss the parking areas that offer free day and overnight parking.

Contact Information:

Address (for GPS): 5174 East Water St., Port Clinton, Ohio, 43452

Phone Number: 800-500-2421

You can also sail along with Miller Boat Line on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



Have you been to Put-in-Bay? What are you waiting for?

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*Disclaimer: Our transportation to Put-in-Bay was provided by Miller Boat Line. I did not receive any money from writing this post, I simply opted to share our experience. Protection Status
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