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10 Things to pack for a Treehouse Getaway

Tonya Prater, Owner

Of all the unique places I’ve stayed, I especially love planning overnight trips to these treehouses in Ohio. Spending the night in a treehouse can range anywhere from camping to glamping to luxurious accommodations. So, it helps to do a bit of research before your treehouse vacation. Regardless of what type of treehouse you are staying in, there are key things to pack for a treehouse getaway

packing for a treehouse getaway

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Things you Want to Pack for a Treehouse Getaway

You’ll find some treehouse cabins won’t require any extra packing but it never hurts to be overly prepared so you’re not disappointed later. 

Sturdy Shoes

Treehouses are usually placed off in the woods, so there is generally some hiking involved to get to the treehouse. More importantly, you’re going to have to climb UP into the treehouse. You don’t want to be stumbling around in flip-flops on stairs or a ladder in the dark. I recommend having something with closed toes and heel, or at least a heel strap so you don’t lose your shoes on the ladder! These shoes for women are a good option. 

A beautifully prepared charcuterie with two glasses of wine are ideal for a treehouse meal.

Food & Drinks

The entire point of a treehouse getaway is to get away from everything. Staying in the woods means you likely won’t have a store or restaurant nearby. Besides, once you check into your treehouse, the last thing you want to do is get back in the car to go out for dinner. If your treehouse has a full kitchen, you can plan your meals and bring all the groceries and ingredients you need. If not, plan a charcuterie board for dinner. This board is perfect for two.


Some treehouses have an en-suite bathroom, while others have an outhouse. You may or may not have a place to shower during your treehouse getaway. So, your toiletry list will vary based on what amenities are provided. I always travel with a bit of shampoo, conditioner, and soap. At the least. No shower on-site? Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver!


A headlamp is something that always comes in handy. Mostly, you will need this if you arrive after dark and your treehouse is in the woods or if you have to climb out of the treehouse to use the bathroom at night. But, you might also decide to go for a night hike. Of course, if the power goes out, or you have a rustic treehouse with no power, you’ll use this often. Flashlights are great, but headlamps keep your hands free for whatever you need to do. 

It makes sense to pack a hammock when hanging out at a treehouse.


There’s no better way to relax in the woods than in a hammock. We love our ENO Hammocks and love taking them on camping or glamping trips. Of course, you’ll sleep in the treehouse, but having a hammock to set up nearby means you have an automatic napping/reading/relaxing station. 


Many of the treehouses we’ve stayed in had a shower away from the treehouse, or hot tubs and saunas on the property. Even if your treehouse doesn’t have an off-site shower, a bathrobe is always a nice luxury to bring along. Even if you just wear it to lounge around your treehouse for the weekend. 

White Noise Machine

This may seem like an odd necessity, but if you’re used to ambient noise, then sleeping in the silence of the woods can be downright unnerving. We live near an interstate and we’re just used to the background noise, so I have a hard time falling asleep in the quiet of the woods. Also, many treehouses tend to creak and sway, and those tiny little noises have a tendency to wake us up or keep us from falling asleep. A white noise machine means we get a night of restful sleep on our weekend getaways. My husband and I purchased this portable white noise machine and take it anywhere from treehouses to van camping. It’s a must for a good night’s sleep. 

Extra Blanket

In post-COVID times, this is something I pack for glamping trips. Many accommodations have removed any extra linens and throws, so having an extra blanket is always nice. Additionally, some treehouses may be heated with just a space heater, so you’ll be grateful for the extra warmth. These are a few of the blankets I own (or want to own) that I keep on hand for van camping and occasions like this. 

Board games are a fun activity that you can do in a treehouse.


Typically, a treehouse getaway is intended to help you connect with nature. Often, that means no cable TV, no Internet, or cell service. Again, this will vary by property, but we always bring backup entertainment in case we find ourselves “roughing it” on a treehouse getaway. Some of the things we bring include:


One of my best treehouse packing tips is to bring a backpack, rather than a rolling suitcase or a duffel bag. Remember, whatever you bring to the treehouse, you’ll more than likely need to carry up stairs or a ladder. Packing a backpack leaves your hands free to safely climb to the treehouse. As a bonus, once you’ve unpacked, you can pack your backpack for day hikes to explore the surrounding property.

Besides these ten key items to pack for a treehouse getaway, you should also call ahead to see what’s included in your treehouse rental. You may need to bring your own towels, linens, and paper products. If you’re planning an extended treehouse stay, you need to know if there is a housekeeping service, or you might also want to bring trash bags and a few cleaning supplies. Whatever you pack, try to pack as light as possible; we’ve yet to find a treehouse with an elevator!

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